About 2WG
9 March 2018

Fact one: cyclists will not stop cycling.
Fact two: non-cyclists will soon be cycling.

In an effort to stimulate this process, 2 Wheels Good is an independent civil organisation that seeks to increase the number of cyclists in the city of Brussels. As a catalyst for the development of bicycle culture in an urban environment, we operate on three interconnected levels:

• Information: collect, organise and offer information on all existing bike-related channels and services in the digital and non-digital world, making them easily accessible to all and creating new links between members of
the cycling community.

• Intervention: initiate or participate in targeted and long-term actions that increase the visibility of cycling and influence public policy makers and other local actors (schools, youth clubs, sporting clubs), thereby contributing to the creation a more bike-friendly urban environment. Some of these events have included or will include: bike repair workshops, distribution of fake fines, encounters between cyclist and non-cyclists, bicycle races, etc.

• Provision: provide a network of convenient and affordable solutions for short and long-term bike rentals, with a particular focus on e-bikes, cargo bikes and innovative bike leasing options.


feel free to contact us for any questions about the 2wheelsgood project: hello@2wheelsgood.be or pass by our pop up rental shop: Elsensesteenweg 284, 1050 Ixelles

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